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Afghan crisis is in the focus of international relations since 1979. The crisis began with the erstwhile Soviet Union’s military intervention in Afghanistan in the defence of Saur (April) revolution of 1978.The central theme in the present study is to analyze in depth the impact of Afghan crisis on the security environment in Indian sub-continent –Pakistan and India. The book is divided into five chapters. Chapter one deals with geo- strategic location, historical background and political developments in Afghanistan. It also focuses on the Pak-Afghan, Indo-Afghan and Soviet-Afghan relations till 1979.Chapter two deals with the genesis and implications of the crisis on regional and international level. Chapter three highlights the impact of Afghan crisis on Pakistan’s security. The forging of US-Pak military relations and Pakistan’s role in Afghan developments are also analyzed. Chapter four focuses on India’s reaction and its security concern in the aftermath of US-Pak military re alignment. Chapter five deals with the Soviet withdrawal. After the withdrawal the crisis led to political instability, factional strife, refugee problem, terrorism and security problems in the region.

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