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islam youth and modernity in the gambia приобрести по лучшей цене

This effort has been made to remove misconceptions of the world community about the teachings of Islam and the practices of the Muslims in the modern society. There are people who know very little about Islam but those who know find contradiction between the teachings of Islam and the practices of the Muslims around them . It is a humble effort to promote interfaith harmony and to bridge the gap between the thoughts about Islam and the Muslims. It may to some extent clarify the misgivings fostered by other communities and bring them to appoint to study more about Islam and its teaching. The fact is that Islam is a complete code of life and provides complete guidance to lead a good life and to abstain from evils. The idea of reward and punishment is common in all the divine faiths and Islam is the most modern and comprehensive version of the divine messages that were revealed to humanity from time to time to bring man to the right path and to save him from disruptive activities that harm the peace and tranquility in the world. The message of Islam is to be good to everyone, to be fair in daily practice, help the needy and promote every good cause and fight against evils.

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