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ivy and bean and the ghost that had to go приобрести по лучшей цене

Sarah was a planned and wanted child-a girl, just like her parents had wished for. Born into a nuclear family, stay-at-home mom, a dad working and church planting, grandparents, close friends, and good community, Sarah grew up in a healthy, Christian, and well-liked family-seemingly. Well into her adult life as a wife and a mother, Sarah held on to that story. She knew that something horrific had happened to her as a child; she just never really remembered. She had resigned herself to not remembering. She had learned to live with the notions of a deep hidden pain, the occasional horrifying image that would come to mind, and the sense of life being only about survival. In spite of the resignation, she had a faint hope that someday someone would come along and be willing to walk with her in dark places to discover what was hidden and forgotten. This book invites you to journey with Sarah as she walks through the most challenging time of her adult life. She spent half a lifetime trying to forget what happened to her just to be able to survive. Now she embarks on a journey to face what was hidden and acknowledge the pain that was too strong to feel. It brings her close to letting go of life. With her, you will go to places of disbelief, despair, hopelessness, and grief as Sarah reclaims the lost memories of her childhood and gains herself in the process. Sarah's account of her journey is honest and raw, sharing her struggles, emotions, and fears. Many e-mails, letters, and pieces of artwork from her journey are included in her story as she shares her battles and road to healing. With the authority of one who has lived and survived the unthinkable, she tells her story and speaks hope of healing and life to many in similar situations.

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