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Job satisfaction is not a new phenomenon in organizational science and organizational behaviour. It is one of the topics that has drawn interest among many scholars in the world.The purpose of this book is to look at the level of job satisfaction of teachers teaching in public and private secondary schools and compare the levels of job satisfaction with regard to the personal characteristics, and job facets. The study was guided by motivation theories, which formed the theoretical framework.The main objective of this book is to determine factors which influence job satisfaction among teachers teaching in private and public secondary schools in Nairobi County.A sample of 350 secondary school teachers was obtained through a two-stage stratified random sampling method. Probability Proportional to Size PPS was applied to proportionally allocate the sample for both schools and teachers.In order to collect required data for the study, a questionnaire was used as a tool.The SPSS (version 17.0) was used to analyze the obtained data.The findings revealed that teachers are not satisfied with their jobs and the Government and Managers of private school needs to raise their satisfaction levels

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