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Product Name: Key Touch Controllers; Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries (included); Process: color printing and UV Varnish; Operation: mechanical key + touch; Voltage: DC 12 / 24V; Output control: 3-way; Control current: Each 6A; Interface: common anode; Radio Frequency: 433.92MHz; Receiving distance: less than or equal to 20 meters; Shell Material: Plastic; Working temperature: -40'C~60'C; Note: The remote control battery installation in three seconds fingers do not touch or near touch any buttons if when using the touch ring found low sensitivity removing the battery can be re-installed on the power. The code function: For a combination of a new remote control and the controller in the controller for three seconds off the boot remote control press the 3rd key once on the code after the success of the code the light will slow flash three times indicating the success of the code. Clear code function: new startup in the controller off within three seconds the remote control key press on the 3rd it will clear the code clear code after the success of the lights will flash six times.
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