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Listening to Chinese is a set of textbooks compiled for adult Chinese language students to improve their listening skills. Based on the first edition, it has replaced the outdated language data and added after-class exercises referring to the outline of the new HSK. This series is divided into three levels, elementary, intermediate and advanced, for students having learned 600-5000 Chinese words to choose the right levels according to their Chinese proficiency. This is Book 1 of the elementary level. It has altogether 16 lessons in four units. Each unit is composed of four lessons and followed by a unit test. Besides the lessons teaching pronunciation, each lesson includes the "intensive listening part" (including words, texts and warm-up exercises for the new HSK) and the "extensive listening part" (can be used as the selective or supportive teaching materials). Each lesson is usually finished within 4-6 class hours. The texts in this book are close to reality, covering a wide range of topics; its questions are diverse in form and moderate in the degree of difficulty. It can increase and stimulate students’ interest, helping them gradually improve their listening skills. Based on the outline of the new HSK Level 3, the exercises include such types as "answer the questions", "true or false questions", "fill in the blanks" and "listen and choose", so they can be used to test how well students have understood the recording materials, and to develop their comprehensive analysis skills, expressive skills and linguistic sensitivity. This book is also accompanied by Listening Scripts and Reference Answers and a CD.
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