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Charlie Rich and Charley Pride: two giants of both country and pop, each captured in a live concert from their glory years in the 1970s. Rich's warm, enveloping vocals are at their prime here, as he sings his great countrypolitan hits of that benchmark era: "The Most Beautiful Girl," "Every Time You Touch Me,""A Very Special Love Song," and "Behind Closed Doors." The "Silver Fox" also returns to his Sun rockabilly roots with "Lonely Weekends," and to his early Nashville period with "Big Boss Man" and "Mohair Sam." Charley Pride offers his characteristic blend of countrypolitan and straight country - from the irresistible hits "(Is Anybody Going To) San Antone,""All I Have To Offer You Is Me," and "Just Between You And Me" to the classic Hank Williams cover "Kaw-Liga." With covers as well of Doug Kershaw's "Louisiana Man" and Kris Kristoffersons "Help Me Make It Through The Night," Charley Pride displays the wide-ranging approach to hard country and mellow pop that made him a unique country superstar. Charlie Rjch:01. The Most Beautiful Girl02. Nice 'N' Easy03. Every Time You Touch Me04. Lonely Weekends05. Medley: - A Very Special Love Song- There Won't Be Anymore- I Love My Friend- She Called Me Baby06. Big Boss Man07. Mohair Man08. Behind Closed Doors Charley Pride:01. San Antonl02. All I Have To Offer You Is Me03. Kawliga04. It's Gonna Take A Little Bit Longer05. Crystal Chandeliers06. Medley: - The Snakes Crawl At Night- Just Between You And Me- I'd Rather Love And Lose You- Does My Ring Hurt Your Finger07. Louisiana Man08. Help Me Make It Through The Night09. Cotton Fields
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