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koston lb293 silk road dancing style 44 inch completed longboard приобрести по лучшей цене

This innovative design deck was made from bamboo ply on the top and bottom , another 6ply made from the imported Canadian maples. The double kick design can make the skater easily turning and change body positions. The long size drop through cut hole easily suit for all of kinds of longboard trucks. We suggest to use below parts to make the completed set. Features KOSTON 180mm(7") gravity casting longboard trucks. KOSTON 70x51mm 70% rebound PU casting wheels . KOSTON ABEC-11 high precision skateboard bearing BE006. OS780 grade high precisely cut grip tape,applied to the board directly. Philips 1.25" round head nuts and bolts. Specification Brand Name KOSTON Board Category Double Rocker Type Long Board Material Bamboo Mix with Canada Maple Size 40*10*27 inch (Wheelbase) Model Number LB016 (Polaris)/ LB017 (Tian Jun) Applicable People Men Main Function Dancing/ Freestyle Deck Material Bamboo and Canadian Maple Mixed Concave Shape Rocker with Shallow U Concave Trucks 180mm/ Gravity Casting Wheels 70x42mm/ PU Casting Bearing ABEC-7/ Chrome Steel Weight Per Set 4.25kg PackageOne Set in Box
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