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koston lb293 silk road dancing style 44 inch completed longboard приобрести по лучшей цене

This completed longboard was composited by below accessaries. It was ideally developed for dancing and freestyle in the city street especially for the low weight skater. Features Hybrid Longboard Deck First and bottom ply made from the carbonized bamboo with 6 ply canada maple on the middle. This deck comes from a shallow " U" concave on the top and small double kick on both side which make the skater easily control the board. The drop through design can reduce the gravity center which make the Gravity Casting Longboard Trucks 7"(180mm) length. ASTM 356 aluminum with T4/T5/T6 treatment. 2 times loading capacity than the regular die casting trucks. Various colour and finish treatment available. All the small parts made by the Taiwanese-invested enterprise. The quality are fully guaranteed. 70x51mm PU Casting Wheels The 70x51mm PU casting wheels come with 70% rebound. The square lip wheel will support more stability and balance for the skater. Specification Brand KOSTON Model Number LB017 Type Long Boards Color Yellow Wheels PU Wheel Diameter 7.0 cm Wheel Thickness 4.2 cm Skateboard Truck Aluminum truck Truck Separation Distance 68.6 cm
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