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Remember those nights when it is just so cold and all you want to do is snuggle up in a blanket? Now you can watch your favorite TV show or catch up with that book you’ve been dying to read, all the while being toasty warm! This Mermaid Tail Soft Fleece Blanket Cute Shark Design Sleeping Bag is ideal for keeping your legs nice and warm as it is sealed on the end ensuring that your temperature will be just right.Everyone have a dream of being a Mermaid in the heart. Now you can make your dream come true with this Mermaid Tail Blanket!  Mermaid & Shark Design Mermaid tail and shark fin shape and rear pocket to insert your feet into. High-Quality Flannel Material It is made with soft flannel that can keep you warm at leisure time.Soft and comfortable, warm and breathable, four seasons general. Easy to Wear The blanket uses a half-length design that your feet can go inside of the tail. Multi-Purpose Perfect for using on the couch, for camping, sleepovers, in bed, in the car or anywhere. Specifications External Material Flannel Inner Fabric Fleece Design Mermaid tail, Shark shape Colors Pale pink, Gray Total Length 142 cm Product Weight 500 g Product Size 142 x 112 x 3 cm Package Weight 600 g Package Size 40 x 30 x 10 cm
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