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This book aimed at establishing the effects the teacher recruitment and utilization policy had on quality of secondary school education. In Kenya the teacher recruitment policy is demand-driven, operating under decentralized system. Teachers are recruited in schools where there exists vacancy through the school Board of Governors. The book sought to establish: the extent to which the policy had been implemented; the strengths and weaknesses of the policy as far as quality education was concerned; the challenges experienced in the implementation of the policy; the attitudes, opinions and perceptions held on the policy in relation to quality education; the effect the policy had on quality education; and ways of enhancing the policy for improved quality of education. This book will be very resourceful to: school administrators, headteachers, teachers, teacher trainees, teacher trainers, education officers, policy makers, education specialists, scholars, students, parents, school sponsors, professional counselors, research students and research trainers. The reader will find it easy to understand because of the straightforward language and systematic approach used in the book.

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