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Advances in Science and Research in the last two decades has led to development of newer technologies and equipment. Applications of Lasers in Dentistry is one of such concepts, which has still not gained popularity in general practice. This book gives a brief outline about the basic Fundamentals of Laser, Principles, Mechanisms of action on Hard and Soft tissues. It also includes various methods of applications and do's and don'ts in daily clinical practice. It also gives an elaborate guidance to buy Lasers for Dental Practice along with Case Reports and their long term follow up. The Art & Science of LASERS in Dentistry could be used as a guide for graduates, post-graduates and private practitioners to understand the basics and clinical applications of Lasers. Laser technology applied to Endodontics, Periodontics, Oral Surgery & Aesthetic Dentistry has enhanced treatment outcome in a short duration with minimal patient discomfort. The use of Lasers in practice has also limited the prescription of analgesics and antibiotics with a better patient complaince. Dental Laser can be a part of the dental operatory, provided the skill of the operator does not become a limitation.

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