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To help patients meet individual needs, specifically in resource poor context, mental health nurses need to reinvest in the use of nursing care plans that hone nursing documentation in mental health nursing practice. To provide high quality nursing care to patients and increase patients satisfaction of care rendered, the use of nursing care plans is utmost importance. Nursing & Practice: Evidence-Based Practice, Use of Nursing Care Plans has been essentially designed to showcase the value of using nursing care plans in continuous quality improvement in mental healthcare delivery. This text is particularly useful for mental health nurses, clinical instructors and nurse educators working in resource poor context. It clearly illustrates the background and current status of nursing care plans as the backbone of quality improvement in healthcare systems. Written in a user-friendly style the author has proffered invaluable materials related to care planning, including:general historical context of the use of nursing care plans,value of the use of care plans in quality improvement, factors affecting the implementation of care planning and strategies to overcome those barriers.
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