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Hailing From Los Angeles And Formed In 1983, Megadeth Is Considered One Of Americas Most Important Heavy Metal Bands. Founded By Ex Metallica Member Dave Mustaine, Along With Bassist David Ellefson, These Pioneers Of The U:S. Thrash Metal Movement Rose To International Fame In The 80s. Sited As One Of The "Big Four Of Metal" Alongside Slayer, Metallica And Anthrax, Megadeth Have Enjoyed Sales Of Over 28 Million Albums Worldwide. Megadeth Is Known For Its Distinctive Technical Instrumental Style That Not Only Endears Them To Their Massive Legions Of Metal Fans, But Has Also Earned Them Six Consecutive Albums Being Certified Platinum Or Multi-Platinum In Northamerica. This Musical Documentary Contains Rarely Seen Interviews, Stories And Live Clips.Содержание: 01. Dave Mustaine (Interview / 1995)02. The Beginning Of Megadeth (The Story)03. Trust (Live Clip)04. In My Darkest Hour (Live Clip)05. Hangar 18 (Live Clip)06. Wake Up Dead (Live Clip)07. Head Crusher (Live Clip)08. Symphony Of Destruction (Live Clip)09. Peace Sells (Live Clip)10. Holy Wars...The Punishment Due (Live Clip)
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