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Christian mission is in danger if churches keep shying away from their responsibility for it. To tackle this problem, this book explores the need for churches to move from the maintenance Christianity status to a holistic and comprehensive understanding of mission. This is illustrated through the churches in the North Kivu province of the DRC. Beside the maintenance Christianity phenomenon, churches in this part of the world are facing many other challenges, such as the lack of visionary church leaders, the misunderstanding regarding mission, tribalism, divisions and poverty, which are nothing other than consequences of the maintenance Christianity. To implement the move from the maintenance-mindedness to mission-mindedness, which should end up in a mission cycle, the issues of mission as missio Dei, mission of Jesus Christ, and mission as church participation in God’s mission are examined. Moreover, the book suggests the practical strategies of awakening the consciousness to mission, creating a network for mission through medias, moving from dependency towards self-reliance in ministry, implementing the concept of “to the ends of the earth”, and targeting neglected social groups.

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