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Drug Discovery Technology is versatile research area in the field of medicine, biotechnology, and pharmacology. Drug Discovery Technologies has been established to provide comprehensive overviews of all the major modern techniques, tools and technologies used in drug discovery and development technology. The major techniques and tools are used in drug discovery, drug design, clinical trial studies and thematic issues describing novel approaches and cutting edge technologies used in all stages of drug discovery. The Book addresses the multidimensional challenges of drug discovery science including integration issues of the drug discovery process. This Book is essential for all science students, biological scientists and researchers involved in drug discovery who wish to keep abreast of all the modern techniques and technologies used in drug discovery and development. The major topics of discussion related to drug, discovery and therapy will included in the next volume : Pharmaceutical Research & Development, Translational Medicine, Regenerative Medicine, Enabling Technologies, Structural Biology, Drug Delivery & Targeting, Antiinfectives, Biologics, CNS Drug Discovery & Therapy.
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