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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Symphonies (No. 1, No. 25, No. 28, No. 29, No. 31, No. 33, No. 34, No. 35, No. 36, No. 38, No. 39, No. 40, No. 41) Wiener Philharmoniker / Wiener SymphomikerWolfgang Amadeus Mozart and Karl Bohm, a rare alliance of the creative and re-creative arts. Here - for the first time on DVD and with bonus material - are the conductor's completeFilmed performances of Mozart symphonies, shot in the 1970s in 35mm and featuring the Mozart orchestra par excellence: Bohm's beloved Vienna Philharmonic. "Bohm always goes unerringly to the heart of the matter. His natural, unforced approach are the hallmarks of a Mozart style which was unaffected by fashion or by compromise, and earned the epithet 'timeless' even in the conductor's lifetime." - Peter Cosse, the noted German music critic.
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