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multifunctional military folding spade and shovel приобрести по лучшей цене

The Military Shovel is designed for self-driving outdoor sports lovers. If not use, you can store the Military Shovels in the storage in case of emergencies. Portable Folding Military Shovel Spade Multifunction Features multi-functions and unique design, this Military Shovel includes functions like hexagonal wrench, saw, bottle opener, nail extractor, hoe, hunting knife, emergency whistle, self-protection or etc. Ideal for camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing, hunting, gardening or other outdoor activities. The shovel blade is made of alloy and Mn-steel, which has passed the tests of durability and destruction. Portable and lightweight, this Military Shovel can place in the waist pack and carry it with the belt loop at your side. With non-slip grip. Specifications Name Portable Folding Military Shovel Spade Multifunction Black Color Black Material Alloy & Mn-steel Open Length 72cm Folding Length 56cm Quenching Hardness 45-48 Weight 1400g Package Included 1 x Folding Shovel 1 x Waist Pack >
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