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multifunctional spanner wrench opening angle launching device with adjustable wrench universal million large opening angle приобрести по лучшей цене

Color Silver Model LRT-02C Material Stainless steel Quantity 1 Set Compatible Brand Universal Compatible Models 10mm~100mm Lens Other Features The spanner wrench is a reversible lens repair tools with protection metal caps protecting you from any slip accident. The spanner wrench is made of high quality antimagnetic stainless steel it is 2 in 1 spanner. It features two tip types flat tip and pointed tip. It is adjustable and meets most of lens size. Jaw opening: 10mm~100mm Packing List 1 x Lens repair tool 4 x Hexagon socket head cap screws 1 x Wrench 4 x Stainless steel Tip-caps
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