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onetomax 2 in 1 wireless gamepad remote controller built in motion plus with nunchuck for nintendo wii controller joystick приобрести по лучшей цене

Wii Controller with added motion technology. Compatible with all Wii MotionPlus software. Allows the console to accurately capture complex motions and movements while playing.?No bigger than a small traditional remote control the wireless Wii Remote is a truly multi functional device. The magic of the Wii Remotes design lies within; accelerometers inside the controller measure movement in all directions and at all speeds. In a tennis game it serves as your racket as you swing away. In driving games it serves as a steering wheel allowing you to swerve to avoid obstacles or pickup power-ups.?In first-person shooters it acts as a firearm that you can point directly at an on-screen enemy. This remote is perfect if you want to add another player to your games.? - Perfect for all Wii owners - Built-in motion plus - Works just like the original Nunchuck product -- but not Wii/Nintendo branded - Features excellent build quality - Powered by 2 x AA batteries (not included) - Silicone sleeve & strap included - Cable length: 98cm
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