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orality online and the promotion of cultural diversity приобрести по лучшей цене

The internet is becoming increasingly global, with more languages, cultures, and variety each year. It is up to us to sustain its diversity so as to keep its gems within reach and its varied pleasures within access. This book attempts a ground-breaking non-western reading of Deleuze and Guattari's Rhizome as the structure of social media communication. It scrutinizes e-community formation around multiple perceptions ranging from Ibn Khaldoun to Pierre Levy. In the context of the Arab Spring, this books offers interesting analysis from Facebook pages and reveals the dynamics of online cultural-political interactivity and user-led community formation. A new sense of democracy, instigated by people-people communication shapes up and impacts the political map. The book stresses the promotion of traditional cultures via Facebook in ways that can carry out to native cultures all around the world. Facebook analysis covers selections of religious, on the Palestinian, on the Egyptian Revolution, as well as a few personal pages in order to reflect the different intensities of portraying traditional cultures online and its impact on shaping up the culture and politics of the moment.

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