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Winemaking is a bioprocess that has its origins in antiquity. Fruit wine is an alcoholic beverage made by fermentation of the fruit juice. Fruit wine is the product of anaerobic fermentation by yeast7 in which the sugars are converted into alcohol & carbon dioxide. The sources of sugar are generally the fruit juices Fruit juice is full of sugar, which could cause weight gain. Consumption of wine, to get the benefits better, should be limited to a glass or two a day, yeast converts some of the sugar during fermentation into alcohol. But the net loss of carbons going from sugar to alcohol is small (as carbon dioxide). These carbons get burned in body or converted into fat. 100 mL of wine contains around 70 kcal, whereas 100 mL of pressed pomegranate juice will contain around 60 kcal . Fruit wines range in taste from dry to very sweet but on average contain the same amount of alcohol as grape wines
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