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panorama map of the belt and road chinese version 1380x980mm b приобрести по лучшей цене

Proximity, topology and accuracy are three most important and well known words in the field of GIS. Cartographers and developers face maximum challenges dealing with these topics in the area of Spatial Data Infrastructure for Road Navigation (Map Matching Algorithms). The evaluation of different Map Matching algorithms to improve the spatial data quality of spatial databases helps in understanding, proximity, topology and accuracy in a better way. This study analysis different approaches of map matching algorithms and presents a definitive evaluation on their performance. From the scratch of development of algorithms to the end of their definitive evaluation under different spatial conditions, this research faced many challenges and now attempts to answer the questions regarding automatic map matching. Though various Automatic Map Matching Algorithms have been developed in recent years, yet Map Matching of two different scale data sets through a manual cartographic visualization is still considered the best. Therefore, the algorithms developed in this study were then validated by the matching results produced by an experienced cartographer.
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