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In People Like Us you'll meet people from different countries all over the world. But remember that your culture is not just your country. It's what you do and how old you are. It's where you live. It's the things you like doing and the things you don't like doing. It's the way you talk and your education. It's about your friends, your family and your own character. This is your cultural identity. "People Like Us: Exploring Cultural Values and Attitudes" has three aims: to help you find out about other cultures; to help you find out more about your own culture; to help you enjoy practicing your English. "People Like Us: Exploring Cultural Values and Attitudes", for adult and young adult learners of English, is an integrated skill course exploring cultural values and attitudes. Based on over twenty hours of recorded interviews, People Like Us allows you to sample the lifestyles, attitudes and opinions of ten real people from around the world. As well as learning about other cultures, you will be invited to reflect on your own culture. In this way, People Like Us will help build your cross-cultural awareness.

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