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pharmacognostic study of nigerian herbal drugs of importance приобрести по лучшей цене

Today, there are very old traditions and records of popular healing methods that have maintained their importance despite new developments and progress in the field of Chemistry, Pharmacy and Medicine. Indeed interest in herbal drugs is increasing. The curative parts of herbal drugs are not simply its woody stem or its leaves but the number of chemical compounds (phytoconstituents) it produces and uses for its own growth like flavonoids, alkaloids, mucilage, protein, carbohydrate etc. The genus Vitex has been carefully studied for its phytoconstituents as well as biological activities. Out of 250 species of this genus distributed all around the world, only 28 species have been phytochemically examined. Vitex species are already in use in herbal formulation. Hence exploration of this species both phytochemically & biologically, is by no means exhaustive & there still remains more scope for the study of bioactive molecules. Hence in current studies the plant Vitex leucoxylon has been selected for there pharmacological and phytochemical study. The detailed study of Vitex leucoxylon is included in this book and various important findings of the plant are included in this research book.
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