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The present book is the outcomes of the research work carried out by the authors during Post-graduate studies. It consist eight chapter including summary. The purpose of study is to find out the compositional changes, trend and growth rate of various livestock viz., cattle, buffalo, sheep, goat, horse, pig and poultry in different division of Uttar Pradesh and also for livestock production viz., milk, wool, egg and meat for whole state. The chapter-I introduces the subject of investigation and main objectives of this study. The times series data on livestock population pertaining the period 1923 to 2003 and for livestock production the period 1992 to 2007 were used for investigation of trend and growth of livestock population and production. The relevant statistical tool and technology have been used for the purpose of investigation mention above. In present investigation overall it can calculated that the population of cattle, sheep, horse and total livestock have decreased while that rates of buffaloes and goat nominally increased. The population of pig and poultry increased with substantial growth rates in most of the divisions of Uttar Pradesh and in state as whole.

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