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phytochemical investigation of the flavonoids приобрести по лучшей цене

My work is directed to vascular physiology. During my doctorate I studied function of arterial vessels of the brain and the kidney. I learned techniques for their investigation including dissection, mounting, performance of experiments, data analysis, and data interpretation. I isolated vessels of various sizes from different vascular beds of rats and mice. The main methods of my work were isometric investigation by using wire myograph, isobaric investigation by using pressure myograph and isotonic investigation by using microperfusion. The main focus of my studies was to investigate the effects of iodinated contrast media on vessel function. Contrast media are commonly used in clinics for the diagnosis and treatment of vessel pathology, but their application may induce critical situations. The first article tests the hypothesis that contrast media may worsen the function of cerebral vessel with vasospasm. The second article is related to the contrast media-induced acute kidney injury (CI-AKI). My first-author work about contrast media and cerebral vasospasm will be primarily discussed along with the CI-AKI, and less will be talked about gender differences in arterial function.

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