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phytochemistry of nicotiana glauca приобрести по лучшей цене

Comparative phytochemistry is an interesting field of study. The Book includes articles on the historical use of comparative phytochemistry in plant classification, chemical compounds used as taxonomic markers, importance of individual compounds and their biosynthetic studies in taxonomy, techniques used in comparative phytochemical studies, phytochemistry,classical taxonomy & chemotaxonomy of the family Solanaceae.The two established classical systems of classification of the family Solanaceae have been tested and discussed by applying the results of phytochemical studies of many solanaceous plants. The chemotaxonomy of the family was found to be very similar and supportive to the Wettstein’s system of classification of the family. The results also showed how chemical data could play important role in solving taxonomical problems which otherwise remain unresolved while using morphological or reproductive characters! Thus Taxonomists involved in developing suitable systems of classification of plants will find this book very interesting, useful and eye-opening. Thus it should be able to attract teachers, students & researchers of botany & phytohemistry interested in plant taxonomy.
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