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PLAYTIME is a three level course for pre-school children. The aim of this series is to offer young children an attractive and stimulating introduction to English. This is achieved through a bank of materials encompassing all the different media for language learning that children and their teachers love. The children learn through an attractive combination of activities with a puppet, Big Story Books, animated DVDs, posters, flashcards, Class Books, audio CDs and stickers. PLAYTIME has been conceived as a complete package with a wide variety of resources that can be adapted flexibly to different teaching contexts. Components of PLAYTIME STARTER: Classbook with stickers, pop-outs and mini-flashcards; Workbook (optional); Teacher's Book; Class audio CD; Website with songs, games and downloadable resources; Teacher's resource pack containing: - Monkey puppet; - Big Story Books; - DVDs; - Pocket poster; - Routine posters; - Flashcards.
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