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Built-in Headphone, Free Your Hands Wireless bone conduction headphone ensures handsfree calling / answering and music listening in driving,riding. Free Breath, Pure Filtration Filter the dust from air and provide you with fresh air to breath.Professional anti pollution mask makes you far-away from PM2.5. Less Interference, More Safety Bone conduction speaker makes the sound directly transmitted to bone chain through internal conduction of bone, helps you enjoy the purest sound and keep sensitivity to surrounding sound in a noisy environment. Scientific Design, Good Fitting The three dimensional structure is designed precisely based on the data about facial structure in recent 20 years, repeat molding and correction help make it fitting to different facial shapes. Clear Communication, Infinite Sharing Built-in anti-interference microphone with sensitivity up to -40±30DB, together with three-dimensional cutting of mask, reserves sufficient space for sound production, helps you communicate clearly without any obstacle. Specification Connection APP/APK Playback Time Up to 7 hours Standby Time Up to 20days Fully Charging Time 2 hours Bluetooth Version CSR8635 V.4.0/EDR Wireless Range 15 meters Weight 133 grams Speaker Type Bone conduction technology speaker, 1W dual speaker Mic Anti-interference microphones, -50DB Mono/Stereo Stereo Battery 320mAh, Polymer battery
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