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pregnant quiet operation suitable for children 3 liters capacity tank silver ions double double humidification приобрести по лучшей цене

Brand N/A Model AIR300 Color Green + black Material Plastic Quantity 1 Power Supply DC 5V Power 3 W Power Plug USB 2.0 Water Tank Capacity 0.18 Liter Max. Humidification amount 0.05 L/H Continuous Humidification time 2 Hour Suited space 10~20 square meter Humidification type Ultrasonic Functions Humidifying water to the skin; Automatic adjustment; To maintain the relative air humidity of the body most comfortable 45%~65% RH Features Ultrasonic humidification with atomized particles; Suitable for office car and bedroom Packing List 1 x Humidifier 1 x USB cable (150cm) 2 x Cotton sticks 1 x Double-sided adhesive tape 1 x Chinese / English user manual
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