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Features: Super practical makeup sponge Skin friendly, very comfortable Cute gourd shaped makeup sponge Perfect gadget for flawless foundation application No streaks and no areas with too much makeup or too little Reusable with proper care Perfect for professional salons, makeup artists, or everyday home use You can use with: Liquid foundation Powder foundation Concealer Blush Eye shadow Function: Create outstanding natural skin and natural flawless makeup Description: Item Type: Makeup Sponge Material: Sponge and latex Color: Sent randomly with same function Size: About 4.1*5.5cm(W*H) Weight: About 10g Package Included: 1 X Makeup Sponge Usage: 1. Can be used damp or dry(when the makeup blender is wet, it is normal for it to expand slightly in size) 2. The bottom of the sponge can be used on the cheeks or forehead 3. The top of the tip is suitable for the wing of nose and eyelid, etc 4. After using, wash with clean water and air dry
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