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A fun, motivating B2 course with full digital support that engages teenagers and keeps them interested. Code Red provides comprehensive and systematic B2 exam preparation with a strong emphasis on grammar and vocabulary, as well as thorough skills development. CODE RED features: Ten topic-based units with revision sections after every two units; Lexical and grammatical syllabus based on the Vantage level of the Common European Framework of Reference; Integrated development of reading, listening, speaking and writing skills; Systematic development of vocabulary, including collocations, word patterns, word partners, word formation, phrasal verbs and easily confused words; Clear development of productive language skills (writing and speaking), with particular emphasis on modelling and structuring spoken and written texts; Useful language for speaking or writing, provided in the Language chunks feature in every unit; Helpful tips for developing skills in Steps to success boxes; Practice in exam-style tasks; Grammar reference, Vocabulary file, Writing bank and Speaking bank, for students' reference; Reading and listening practice in the Workbook, and five extra CLIL based lessons; Code Practice Online available with Workbook Plus, offers students extra practice of the language and vocabulary syllabus followed in Code. Each level contains over a hundred interactive resources designed to practise grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation and listening comprehension, plus sample essays and web projects.
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