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qcy qq100 max mini wireless bluetooth 3 0 speaker surround stereo hifi subwoofer tf card led flashlight 2600mah приобрести по лучшей цене

Features 30MM Double Trumpet Unit Double trumpet sized 30mm with energetic sound, three frequency equilibrium, bring you more and perfect auditory experience. Large Capacity Battery 2600mAh large battery, 12 hours standby time, the Bluetooth speaker can be used as emergency mobile power for other digital devices. Strong LED Torch Lighting Good helper for outdoor and night use. Strong flashlight design, good for you in emergency. Super Hi-Fi Speaker Double rubidium unit, bright gradation and excellent dynamic, make sound full of gradation and deepness. 360 Degree Surrounding Stereo Sound Full Voice range structure, carrying mega bass radiator. Specification Model QQ100 Bluetooth Version Bluetooth 3.0 Operation Range 10m Weight 168g Battery Capacity 2600mAh Size 115 x 45.8 x 52.8mm Storage Extension Micro SD(TF) Card Transmission Interface Micro USB 2.0 Formats Supported MP3, WAV, WMA, SBC Bandwidth Response 100Hz-18KHz
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