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Liberation and Reconstruction in Africa: A Critical Analysis in the Works of J. N. K Mugambi, contributes to the ongoing debates in African Christian Theology, in the twenty-first century. It builds on Jesse Mugambi''s post-Cold War proposal for a paradigm shift, from liberation to reconstruction. The book innovatively introduces a new idea of both minor and dominant paradigms operating simultaneously in theology and other social sciences. It has sought to show that Mugambi''s idea of change in paradigmatic emphasis is largely authentic in so far as the global socio-economic trends and African cultural and religious heritage have their own forms of paradigm shifts,albeit in different formats. As a book that contributes to Africa''s theo-socio-economic developments, it will be useful to general readership, and in particular, teachers and students of theology,anthropology,Sociology, Philosophy, religion, comparative religion and other social sciences. It will also be useful to learners in seminaries, tertiary institutions and universities. If this book makes a major contribution to the modern scholarship, then these efforts will be for a worthwhile course.
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