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retro style two front pockets laptop compartment vintage canvas solid color backpack приобрести по лучшей цене

Novel design with USB charging port for power bank connect charging port to mobile phone, tablet and etc., convenient to use. Except large main compartment, there are one front utility pocket, 2 side pockets, interior laptop compartment, mobile phone bag and badge bag for organization. Features Made of quality canvas, breathable and durable. Straight cut, adjustable padded shoulder straps. With external USB port, make it easy to charge your phone & other gadgets without ever unpacking the bag, free up your hands. Interior sleeve holds your laptop snugly to prevent shifting. The zippered front pocket with a hook, can hold your keys. 2 side pockets for water bottle and other items. Specifications Material Canvas Product Weight 0.56kg Product Size 30 x 14 x 42 Package Contents 1 x Backpack
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