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road trip usa eighth edition cross country adventures on america s two lane highways приобрести по лучшей цене

4WD WIFI Cross-country Off-road Robot Smart Car Kit For Arduino Raspberry Pi Feature: Platform has mounting holes for 51 MCU controller, Arduino Mega168 controller, Arduino Mega328 controller, Arduino Mega1280 controller, 32-CH servo controller Two degrees of freedom servo holder lock slot Collision switch mounting hole Front panel can be mounted infrared obstacle avoidance sensors, infrared distance sensor, light sensor, ultrasonic sensor, bright LED lights, etc. Platform body uses hard aluminum alloy materials, which has light weight, high strength, hard deformation Mounting holes for commonly used DC Gear Motor, the motor and tires can be replaced based on personal preferences Large elastic rubber tires, with shock absorption, abrasion resistance, grip and strong, able to adapt to smooth and rough pavement Ideal for Arduino fans Enjoy your fun of DIY Robot Specification: Wheel Diameter: 120mm Wheel Width: 60mm Platform Length: 195mm (Body Length: 270mm) Platform Width: 142mm (Body Width: 280mm) Platform Height: 120mm Platform Weight: 1280g Distance between Chassis and Ground : 26mm Motor Rated Voltage: 12V DC Motor Load Speed: 100RPM Motor Rated Speed: 90RPM Motor Gearbox Length: 19mm Motor Rated Current: 0.52A Motor Rated Torque: 0.263N.m Motor Maximum Torque: 0.597N.m Kit List: 1 x 4WD Platform Plate-Stay ( upside ) 1 x 4WD Platform Plate-Stay ( underside ) 2 x 4WD Platform Baffle ( front and behind ) 2 x 4WD Platform Motor Mounting Plate ( right and left ) 1 x Power Switch Interface Board 1 x Power Toggle Switch 1 x Battery Charging Interface 4 x DC Gear Motor 4 x Large Elastic Rubber Off-Road Wheel 8 x Cable for DC Geared Motors 1 x Shrink Tube 5 x Black Tie 2 x Charging Switch Cable (Red And Black) 4 x Couplings 28 x Cross Recess Screws M3*6 4 x Hex Nut M3 4 x Nylon Column M3+20 1 x Hex Wrench Package included: 1 x 4WD WIFI Cross-country Off-road Robot Smart Car Kit
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