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rural household endowment and poverty приобрести по лучшей цене

Like many developing countries Bangladesh has made notable progress in reducing rural poverty since independence in 1971. The driving force of reducing rural poverty is the growth of agricultural sector. Livestock plays an important role to alleviate rural poverty as an integral part of agriculture. Livestock provides flexible reserve during economic stress and serves as a buffer against crop failure, earn foreign exchange and improve trade balance of payment. Poor household directly benefits through raising livestock in their homestead. They can consume livestock & poultry and its products as well as can earn cash income by selling them. Traditionally, people are paid more concentration on commercial farming of livestock & poultry rather than farming at household levels. Therefore, this write-up focuses on the homestead livestock contribution toward poverty alleviation in rural Bangladesh. It also determines the gender role on livestock and poultry raising activities. The book contains valuable suggestions for individual livestock keepers. The academicians, development partners, and policy makers can also use the book as reference for their further research and policy formulation.

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