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Motorbike alarm security bicycle steal lock moped - Great product to protect your bicycle/bike - Ultra loud 110dB alarm -- scares potential theives away - Don't let bike thieves get the better of you – protect your investment easily and effectively with the movement triggered alarm which emits a scarily loud sound if your bike is tampered with. No thief will want to hang around when this alarm goes off! - Traditional chains padlocks and U Locks only do half a job and can be pretty easily removed by those who know how but even the sight of this alarm will have even the most determined of thieves thinking twice. - Attach to your bike press 'B' for 2 seconds to set it and walk away safe in the knowledge that it will remain secure and protected whilst you are away. - If your bike is moved the alarm springs into action and gives off an ear-shattering shriek for 15 seconds – and you can bet that you won't see your bike's assailant for dust! - Protecting your bike couldn't be simpler: Attach to your bike > Go for a ride > Set the lock to 'protect mode' by pressing 'B' for 2 seconds > If your bike is tampered with the alarm will sound for 15 seconds > Return to find your bike where you left it! > To disarm the alarm enter your 4 digit code (i.e. ABCA) > Carry on cycling - 110DB alarm – much more of a deterrent to opportunist thieves than traditional locks - 3 sensitivity levels allow you to determine how much movement is needed to trigger the alarm - When triggered alarm sounds 5 times. If triggered again within 5 seconds it will sound continuously for 15 seconds - Sturdy black plastic – no metal parts to rust - Waterproof – attach permanently to your bike without worrying about having to remove it in bad weather - It's not just mountain and racing bikes that can be protected. Use the alarm on anything and everything that you can screw it to! - Also for Motor bikes/Scooters and mopeds/Heavy duty garden tools such as lawn mowers and strimmers/Garden furniture - 1 * 9V battery powered (not included)

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