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small strain dynamic properties modeling for cemented sand приобрести по лучшей цене

Increasing the strain rate is formed in one of the ways of intensification of production forming. Strain rate is an important external factor that significantly affects the behavior of materials in the process of forming, but also the properties of the wrought products. Basic mechanical properties of metals detected by static tests appear insufficient in cases of distortion at high speeds. In the transition from static to dynamic way stresses the plasticity of materials is changed in wavelength due to the nature of the spread of tensions and deformations. Together the microstructure the substructure is changed too, that can affect the properties of strain hardening material. Tests transferred at high speeds of deformation are essentially designed to clarify the mechanical properties at higher speeds and tracking relations between deformation speed and deformation mechanism. Effect of strain rate on mechanical properties is now described by parametric equations. The parameters of these equations are a function of material structure, and therefore it is necessary to carry out experiments in particular to new developing steels.
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