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special classes of analytic functions and their properties приобрести по лучшей цене

This book is a collection of our recent published papers in area of "Selected Topics On Some Classes Of Analytic Functions". The book consists of seven chapters, organized as follows. In chapter 1, we introduce some basic definitions of univalent, p-valent functions, functions with bounded boundary rotation and functions with bounded argument. In chapter 2, we investigate some interesting properties for two subclasses of starlike and p-valent close-to-convex functions. In chapter 3, we give basic properties for three subclasses of close-to convex functions with complex order. In chapter 4, we compute the sharp radii of spirallike of the functions belonging to three classes of analytic functions. In chapter 5, we are concerned with basic properties of the classes consisting of bounded multivalent spirallike, bounded p-valent Robertson functions and multivalent Robertson functions defined by using a differential operator. In chapter 6, we derive several interesting and properties for two classes consisting of multivalent functions with bounded boundary rotation and complex order. In chapter 7, we get sharp coefficient bounds for functions in some classes of meromorphic functions.

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