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"Grammarway 4" is the fourth book in a four-level grammar series presented in full colour. The book is designed for learners of the English language at upper-intermediate level, and can be used for self-study or in the classroom as a supplement to any course at this level. The aim of the book is to help learners understand English grammar structures through comprehensive theory tables and functional examples, accompanied by a wealth of attractive photographs and illustrations. The book consists of 12 units, each focusing on a particular grammar topic. A typical unit contains: presentation of the grammar structure by means of visual prompts; simple, concise explanation of the grammar structure; examples in everyday conversational English, together with a few expressions showing slightly more formal use; exercises practising the new structures, to help learners use appropriate patterns in everyday situations; speaking and writing activities to practise the new structures in oral and written form; a revision box in each unit; common mistakes section; word-formation exercises. A revision unit follows every three units to consolidate material presented in previous units. Six Progress Tests, each covering two consecutive units, are included at the end of the book. They may be used to assess students' progress before the main class test. The Picture Flashcards which accompany the book can be used for lively, motivating presentation of the target grammar structures. The book adheres to the principle that every structure should first be heard, then practised in oral, and finally, in written form. Based on the use of full-colour visual stimuli, the book encourages learners to speak before writing, and allows them to practise English structures through a variety of enjoyable and useful activities.
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