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Lecture notes in C/C++ programming language focuses on basic characteristics of C and object-oriented, high-level essence of C++ programming language. The descriptive examples make it easy for understanding the syntax and semantics of both C and C++. Mentioned examples are simple, precise and ready for compilation on any of the freely available compilers. This book concisely presents the theoretical explanations in an easy format needed to programmers. Often, programmers are not given the variety of programs to test their programming skills, or to understand the diversity of any programming language. Since, there is minimal explanation of the programming syntax, the readers of this book are assumed to have the knowledge of semantics of the programming. This book provides a practical approach towards writing programs and the basic steps in understanding C/C++ programming. It is an illustrative text for program development and logic understanding, also suitable for self-study. This book will help programmers to improve their programming skills. The main insights of the book are the miscellaneous functionalities and comprehensible examples.

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