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The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person doing it.--Chinese ProverbMost of us want to fly--even if we know we're rooted to the ground. Especially if we know we're rooted to the ground! So when a rabbit spots a bird soaring in beautiful, colorful loop-de-loops, a dream is born. Though her friends tell her "You can't do that!" our rabbit is undeterred. Through comical ski jumps, trampoline bounces, swings on the trapeze, and experiments with kites . . . somehow, some way, there must be a way to fly.And there is! Teamwork.Debut author/illustrator Basak Agaoglu (Ba-SHOK Ah-Oh-Lu) delivers a story of faith, persistence, and humor--along with some of the most adorable, winning, and child-friendly art ever seen. For fans of Extremely Cute Animals Operating Heavy Machinery.
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