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In Northern Armageddon, Peter MacLeod, curator of the Canadian War Museum--using original research (diaries, journals, letters, and other personal accounts) and bringing to bear all of his knowledge and grasp of warfare and in particular the French and Indian War--tells the epic story from both sides and, for the first time, brilliantly casts this crucial battle on a human scale, from the first months of the campaign and the actual battle on the Plains of Abraham, to the French surrender and its large-scale ramifications on the shape of North America and, ultimately, Europe.The battle, which lasted twenty minutes, left both generals leading their troops --James Wolfe and the Marquis Louis-Joseph Montcalm--each dead of gunshot wounds. It was the culmination of a larger imperial conflict between Great Britain and France that began five years before and would change the course of a continent. France surrendered Quebec and the British soon after took control of most of North America. The participation of the American Colonists in helping to oust the French as a North American power, and bearing the burden of the war's expenses, spurred the confidence of colonies such as New York, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts that soon began to agitate for independence from Great Britain. MacLeod gives us the large-scale ramifications of this clash of armies, not only on the shape of North America, but on the history of Europe itself.

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