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the dignity of working men – morality приобрести по лучшей цене

The concept of dignity is broad and complex as its interpretation is based on culture and social norms of a particular setting.According to the United Nations General Assembly and the World Health Organization, human dignity is the understanding of human rights and the foundation for patients’ rights.A number of international instruments have been developed to promote patients’ rights and dignity(e.g.Universal Declaration on Human rights and the WHO statement on patients’ rights).However, despite development of such instruments and strategies, implementation of dignified care is impeded by a combination of challenges.The purpose of the study therefore, was to explore factors that promote or compromise dignity in maternal health service delivery during labor and delivery in Malawi. A cross sectional survey that employed quantitative and qualitative data collection method was conducted. Major issues revealed by the study that influenced dignity in the study sites were:the physical environment, midwives and patients attitudes and behaviors, and care processes. The study has provided a tunnel through which enablers and barriers to the provision of dignified care can be viewed.

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