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Certainly one good way to learn how to write is to follow the example of those who can write well. “You have to read, read, and read” says Walter Ong (1979, as cited in Eschholz, 1980, p. 5). “There is no way to write unless you read, and read a lot” (p. 12). Eschholz (1980) states that in reading, writers see the printed words, the shape and order of sentences, and the texture of paragraphs. He believes that the prose model approach to the teaching of writing holds that writers can develop and improve their writing skills through directed reading. Ferris and Hedgcock (1998, as cited in Abe, 2008) argue that L2 writers have to be exposed to various types of reading material since it is difficult to acquire L2 writing skills by only writing. Similarly, Eschholz (1980) points out that what L2 learners write depends on what they read and they can improve their L2 writing skills by reading. He also argues that given the opportunities to learn rhetorical modes, L2 learners can eventually apply their knowledge about those modes to their writing. . Thus, some researchers believe by model essays, readers can pay attention to the various aspects of TL (e.g., Hyland, 2003; ; Hanaoka, 2007).

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