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Curriculum implementation is the process of delivering curriculum to the learners and is meant to bring into reality the required changes. The quality of teachers influences effective implementation of curriculum which in turn leads to high or low educational outcomes. This book presents results from a study that was conducted in Borabu Sub-county in Kenya to determine the teacher-related factors influencing the implementation of Early Childhood Development and Education (ECDE) curriculum. Earlier research had shown that the curriculum was not effectively implemented. The teacher-related factors hindering effective implementation of the curriculum were: Teachers’ low academic and professional qualifications; lack of in-service training; low motivation; and negative attitude towards curriculum implementation. The results showed that teachers were experiencing many challenges while implementing the curriculum including lack of teaching materials; lack of appropriate physical facilities; low salaries and lack of support from key stakeholders. In order to improve the implementation of the ECDE curriculum teachers should be motivated by stakeholders such as parents, government, etc

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