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The "Click on TV 4 Elt DVD" and the "Click On 4 DVD Activity Book" constitute a short listening and speaking course for learners of English at secondary level. The video reviews and consolidates the material taught in the "Click On 4 Student's Book", and enhances the learners' grasp of everyday conversational English. The DVD contains: 10 units which have been shot and edited in the style of a TV magazine, each one dealing with language material presented in the corresponding "Click On 4 Student Book" unit; Video clips of all the songs found in the Audio CD which accompanies the Student's Book. The "DVD Activity Book" contains: Warm-up and presentation activities; Comprehension and consolidation exercises for before, while and after viewing the video; Speaking tasks which allow students to practise everyday English conversations; An introduction with suggestions and guidance on how the video can be used in the classroom. A "DVD Activity Book Key" is also available.

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