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Benevento, a real town in southern Italy, is famous for its witches, who are not broomstick-riding hags but a variety of supernatural beings. Among them are the Janara, who fly about on stormy nights performing mischief; the Clopper, an old witch who chases children through the streets of town; and the Manalonga, who hide in wells and under bridges and try to drag children down. Benevento is an ancient town; a Roman theater is at the center, a castle fortress overlooks the town and the river, and farmland surrounds it. The stories in the Witches of Benevento series take place in the 1820s and feature five children, two of whom are twins. In each of the four books in the series, a different child will be the main character. The books will be illustrated throughout by Sophie Blackall, who collaborated with John Marciano on The Nine Lives of Alexander Baddenfield and is also well known for her illustrations in the Ivy and Bean books. Each book will begin with the same setting of the scene: a map of the town, with the main landmarks and the various spots where the witches can be found, as well as portraits of the five children and other pertinent characters in the stories, after which each individual story will begin.Book #3In the third book of the Witches of Benevento, shy tagalong Maria Beppina takes center stage and proves her mettle when she confronts the fearsome Clopper.

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