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therapeutic efficiency of norgestomet and pmsg in anestrous buffaloes приобрести по лучшей цене

The on-farm trial was conducted to know the effect of feeding bypass protein and bypass fat supplement to buffaloes allotted to three dietary treatments at Dahod district of Gujarat. The supplementation of bypass protein in combination with bypass fat (T3) to buffaloes resulted in higher % of total solids and fat in the milk. The daily yield of whole milk and 6% FCM was higher in Bypass protein (T2) and T3 as compared to Control (T1). The efficiency of conversion of DM and TDN was superior in T3. The service period, services required per conception and body weight loss were significantly lower in T2 and T3 as compared to T1 group. The daily feed cost (Rs.) was significantly higher in T3 group. The daily realizable receipt from sale of milk was the highest in T3 followed by T2 and T1 group. The return over feed cost (Rs./day) was significantly higher in supplemented groups compared to control. However, the net saving (Rs./head/150 days) was 7179.23 and 6256.03 in T3 and T2 groups, respectively, over and above the buffaloes reared on farm feeding schedule, on account of higher return over feed cost, reduction in service period and lowered cost of Artificial Insemination.
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